On behalf of the more than 400 women and men of Business Affairs that serve our students, faculty, staff, and other constituencies every day, thank you for your interest in our responsibilities. We are a diverse group of dedicated individuals who see the needs and opportunities of the campus and respond with creative solutions.

We are the housekeepers that get buildings ready for 8 o’clock classes. We are the accountants and staff who pay our employees and vendors and keep our financial records. We are the groundskeepers who make the campus an inviting place to learn and work. We help prepare the campus for emergencies and other risks. We are administrative assistants, architects, engineers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, environmental health and safety professionals, budget analysts, cashiers, mail carriers, and human resource professionals. Some of our staff in Public Safety and Police and Utility Operations work throughout the night weekends, and holidays.

We are guided by our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics. We make a difference. Our collective spirit, creativity, teamwork, and work ethic allow us to do something bigger altogether.




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