Security and Privacy

UNCG enterprise-level administrative data are an asset owned by the University and must be protected accordingly. Data policies are necessary to provide a framework for securing data from risks including, but not limited to, unauthorized destruction, modification, disclosure, access, use, and removal.

These policies serve as a foundation for the Office of Business Affairs information security policies, and are consistent with the University’s data management and records management standards. The University recognizes that the value of its data resources lies in their appropriate and widespread use. While we also recognize the importance of maintaining privacy in the administration of this data, it is not the purpose of these policies to create unnecessary restrictions to data access or use for those individuals who use the data in support of University pursuits.

Here are some of the steps that we have taken to protect this asset:

  • Restriction of access to data to only those needing it
  • Using only secure means to transfer data from site to site
  • Education to Business Affairs employees as to the handling of such data

Other steps will be taken in the future to further protect our administrative data.